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And Breathe - an online infertility support group
Hello lovely, I'm so excited to share that my online infertility support group is now officially open for you to join! If you're navigating the craziness that is infertility at the moment or you're stuck in the throes of IVF treatments...
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An example of fertility affirmations oracle cards and square images for social media sharing. The quotes on the images help foster a positive mindset while trying to conceive and going through difficulties and IVF IUI ICSI assisted conception
Fertility affirmations and how they can help
When I was first trying to get pregnant, full of hope and sure that everything was going to be fine, I read so much stuff about what to do to increase our chances naturally. I ticked off the top ten tips to get pregnant naturally: ✅Maintain a healthy...
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Woman meditating fertility yoga coaching
Fertility Yoga - what's it all about?
When I looked at various training courses on fertility yoga some of them only focussed on problems that a female may have when trying to conceive, which only served to play into my own narrative that everything out there on fertility and infertility ...
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Woman on laptop online fertility coaching session
Coaching Vs other professionals - what's the difference?
One of the core competencies that I adhere to as a coach is around demonstrating ethical practice. Part of this means that I refer clients to other support professionals, as appropriate.What does this really mean? Well, it means that if coaching is n...
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